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Contemplative Living with James Finley, Ph.D
The Contemplative Way Newsletter November 2015
Greetings Everyone,

The newsletters that I occasionally send out consist primarily of a spiritual message on contemplative living followed by a few current items about some of my current retreats and related activities. I will be sending out my next newsletter as Christmas and the New Year approaches. This newsletter, however, will be limited to letting you know about a couple of time sensitive items.

First, my retreat schedule for 2016 is now available on my website The Contemplative Way Retreat Schedule. You will notice that a few of these programs are already closed, but most of them still have and, most likely will continue to have openings to attend either by staying at the site of the retreat house or by commuting or staying at a nearby hotel. About three more retreats will be added soon, which should finalize my planned retreats for 2016. Those of you planning to attend a retreat I will be giving this coming year have been asking me to get out my schedule so you can make your plans for the year.

Secondly, The Contemplative Journal has video recorded a retreat I gave at the Spiritual Center of my parish, Saint Monica Church in Santa Monica, California. This four hour video recorded retreat, titled "Exploring the Foundations of Contemplative Living" will be streamed on the Internet, one session a week, for four weeks beginning December 2nd.

You can find out more about this streamed retreat by going to: Streamed Retreat.

If you decide to order these four retreat conferences, I suggest you consider this as an opportunity to go on a private four week retreat, by viewing and reflecting on each week's session as part of your daily quiet time for prayer and meditation. You can also reflect on the passages cited from the writings of Thomas Merton and other Christian mystics to help ground yourself in the foundations of contemplative living.

The third item I want to mention here is that I just discovered that by going to
YouTube videos and search for James Finley on the Internet you will find quite a few video recordings of me giving talks at various retreats and gatherings. Where do these things come from? At any rate, I will include here the link to a conference that I gave this year on Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle at King's College in London, England. The link you can click on to view this conference is: Jame's Finley YouTube Videos

The fourth item along these lines is that Tami Simon at Sounds True has an excellent series of interviews with spiritual teachers who have been recorded by Sounds True. If you go to Sounds True and in the search box type "Tami Simon conversations at the edge interview archives" you will see a large selection of insightful interviews with many really fine spiritual teachers.

That's it for now.

Thanksgiving blessings to all of you,

James Finley

You can find a continuously updated schedule at my website

Copyright © 2015 Dr. James Finley
Copyright © 2015 Dr. James Finley