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Contemplative Living is Dr. Finley's monthly newsletter. Each edition has a brief reflection on some aspect of contemplative living. Below are the highlights from previous editions. If you would like to subscribe to Contemplative Newsletter please complete the subscription form.

Previous Editions

September 2016: The Spirituality of Healing
June 2016: The Secret Awakening
Christmas 2015: Listening to the Angels
November 2015: Online Resources and Videos
June 2015: The Role of Spiritual Reading
August 2013: A Dialogue With Dr. James Finley About Letting Go,
  With Stephanie Raffelock
June 2008: Why We Meditate
June 2009: Little Things that Change the Whole World
November 2009: Find Your Practice and Practice It
2012: Reading List for Beginners

As you expand your
meditation practice,
in concert with your faith,
you will find
that these divine moments
come more often,
until you are finally awakened
to your own deepest self,
one with Christ.

James Finley

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